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We are a family of pet lovers, nothing more and beyond. This initiative solely tells the story of our family who loves pets but couldnt keep one for a longer time. And from there the idea of Pet Parivar started to take root evolve.

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Are you on the fence ----to keep a pet or not?

If you find yourself in a situation where you or your children desire a pet, yet you prefer not to commit to a long term responsibility due to challenges like frequent travel or limited experience, rest assured we have a solution for you.

What is Pets Parivaar

PetsParivar introduces Indias exclusive network, dedicated to turning your dream of pet ownership into reality. We are inaugural a unique platform in India dedicated to uniting pet parents and pet enthusiasts, fostering a community of assistance and encouragement for responsible pet ownership and care. Our objective is to offer solutions for the challenges that arise within our hectic schedules when it comes to caring for pets. The idea is 2 fold

to provide pet parents with a nearby and affordable support network a home near your home to get your pets care and love while you are away - a day trip/short trip/ a long trip a home near your place of travel, always nearby, - in all parts of NCR currently (with a plan to expand pan-India) to provide pet enthusiasts a platform to extend their support and service to pet parents for you as adults:

For Kidss

i.earn while you get to take care and shower your love

i.learn what taking care of a pet encompasses

For Adults

i.teach your kids to be responsible and let them earn

i.give them a flavor of what it is like to have your own pet without investing in one straight away



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